Driving each other forward

We are a company of learners and doers. Our culture fosters teamwork and defines success as working together to push each other to deliver. We are continually challenging one another to raise the standards of our work.

At Linde, we do all kinds of difficult, interesting things for our customers and take pride in the quality and creativity of what we deliver. We hold ourselves accountable for the work we do, and are rewarded for it both personally and professionally.

We believe that our responsibility doesn’t end with our customers but extends into the communities where we operate. We live by the words making our planet more productive and our commitment has never been stronger.

If you’re innovative, flexible, committed and ambitious, you’ll fit right in. Take a closer look at Linde and see where your talent makes an impact.

What Our Employees Are Saying
Kate McCann

Knowing that I work for a company where change, innovation and efficiency are encouraged motivates me to work hard and be part of that transformation.

Kate McCann Client Relations Manager, U.S. Compensation

Employee Stories: Kate McCann