COVID 19 Updates

General Updates

Last updated: March 26 

Specific business unit updates

Medigas & Home Healthcare

Linde Canada Inc. (“Medigas”) will remain in operation throughout the COVID-19 health crisis although direct client access to its stores is temporarily not available. The areas of the Medigas business that remain unchanged are as follows:

·         New oxygen setups are a top priority

·         Oxygen clients will call 1-866-446-6302 for product delivery, technical service and product returns

·         After hours emergency technical service for oxygen clients and new initiation of oxygen therapy 

·         PAP clients may shop or call 1-877-350-9816 to order replacement supplies

·         Medical equipment deliveries and pickups requested by the LHIN (Ontario, only)

Packaged Gas Customers – Cylinder to Microbulk

All Linde store locations are operational however many stores are limiting customer access into the store. We ask that you call ahead to place your order if you need to pick up your order (for the phone number of your closest location please go to or follow instructions on the door of the store for obtaining gases and hardgoods. If your facility is closed due to COVID-19 and you typically received scheduled gas deliveries from us, please contact your closest store location to temporarily suspend your gas deliveries.

At this time, we will not be asking customers to sign for deliveries. If your employee is available during our delivery, their name will be printed on the ticket or it will be marked No Customer Signature Available (NCSA).

Merchant and OnSite-bulk liquid supply and pipeline supply

All Linde production plants are open and are running in every province.

All of our distribution fleet is running across Canada completing liquid deliveries as required.  Please notify logistics (1-800-661-5312) if you expect any significant changes in your usage pattern.  Also note that for liquid deliveries we are temporarily suspending BSD (Bulk Shipping Document) customer signatures and instead our driver will write the name of the receiver on the BSD.