Making Our Planet More Productive


Making Our World More Productive

At lINDE, Making our World More Productive is more than a slogan. We believe this phrase demonstrates how well we provide efficiency, energy, and environmental advantages to our customers around the world.  With the increasing global emphasis on reducing greenhouse gases, developing renewable energy sources and reducing waste, we believe that Linde’s demonstrated success in Making our World More Productive sets us apart from our competitors.

What do we mean by Making our World More Productive?

At Linde, we create technology, products and services that help to sustain and protect our world. We partner with our customers, employees and communities to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

We are committed to improving our customers’ economic and environmental performance. Overall, more than 20% of Linde’s revenue is generated by applications technologies that help customers reduce operating costs, increase process efficiencies and improve their environmental performance.

Linde's operational excellence is world class. Strong financial discipline has consistently produced outstanding return on capital and shareholder value. Our productivity initiatives ensure that we always operate in a lean manner while maintaining rigorous standards of customer service, quality and safety.

Linde provides a high-performing, rewarding and safe work environment for employees at all of our locations. Our employees, in turn, are dedicated to following safety measures and protecting the environment at work, at home and in their neighbourhoods.

And, we are committed to improving the global communities where we live and work. Charitable contributions along with employee volunteerism support healthcare, literacy and many other programs and initiatives that help make a positive impact.

I am proud to be part of Linde’s highly skilled, innovative, global team that consistently demonstrates our mission of Making our World More Productive. This is what sustainable development means to us. Together, we are making a difference, one customer, one person, one community at a time.

Steve Angel
Chairman and CEO