Freezing and Chilling

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Freeze in the freshness

Freezing and Chilling Produce

At Linde, we can help you freeze in the freshness with our extensive line of ColdFront™ Ultra Performance cryogenic freezing and chilling systems. By using any one of our many systems you can start meeting your need for rapid freezing or chilling — resulting in increased yield and production capacity while maintaining the flavour, texture, moisture levels and other essential components of your food products. We have a full line of cryogenic systems specially designed to deal with a variety of foods, from meat and seafood to baked goods and produce — and we have the experience to do it quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Our designs are not only focused on optimum performance, but on the ability to achieve that level of performance in the minimum amount of space necessary. In most cases, our standard cryogenic tunnels and spirals will meet this requirement. However, for more complex applications, we offer custom systems that are designed and built to meet any need you may have. Last, but certainly not least, our designs always maintain a focus on food safety. With enhanced sanitation features built in, we provide our customers with cryogenic freezing and chilling systems that are simple to clean, sanitize and maintain, all in a minimal amount of time.