StarSolver® Productivity Enhancement Program


Higher product quality. Lower welding costs.

Improve your objectives faster, better and at an overall lower cost with our StarSolver® productivity enhancement program. We’ll work directly with you to understand your current welding practices, analyze your process and propose high-quality, low-cost solutions. And our services don’t end there. We’ll guide you through the implementation process and perform follow-up reviews to make sure your changes are making the desired impact.

Our program focuses primarily on labour and overhead costs that can represent over 85% of your operational expenses. We’ll assess all possible variables within your welding operation, including wire feed speed, current, voltage, gas delivery systems and consumable selections. And with almost 100 years of experience bringing leading technology to the metal fabrication industry, we’ll calculate the total impact on your welding cost and offer you cost-saving and efficient options.

A proven process with proven results, the StarSolver productivity enhancement program can help you increase your productivity by up to 40% with little or no capital investment. We can also help you evaluate options that can lower the amount of fumes generated by your welding operations assist you with compliance to changing fume exposure regulations.