Global Giving


Giving back is a core value at Linde

Giving back to our communities is a core value at Linde. In 2016, Linde’s Global Giving Program contributed $5.8 million to help support our communities, provide educational opportunities, promote diversity and inclusion, improve access to health & wellness programs, and preserve and protect the environment around the world. Our Global Giving dollars also go a long way toward supporting key business initiatives. We provide scholarships to community colleges and technical schools for critical skills that are needed in local workforces. And, we make contributions to organizations and universities to support STEM education.

Register and/or Submit a Grant Application

The level of support granted is commensurate with employee involvement in the project and how well it fits within program guidelines. Grant applications are reviewed monthly. You will be contacted with the determination of your request even if it is not approved.

Our global giving program is conducted consistent with Linde's Standard's of Business Integrity and all applicable laws.  Working with United Way Worldwide, Linde will continue to ensure that our international gifts meet this standard.