Less Carbon More Green


What if you could produce ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel while decreasing greenhouse gas impact?

Our study shows that the reduction in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) emissions enabled by ultra-low-sulphur-diesel (ULSD) used with diesel particulate filters is 15 times greater than the CO2 emitted in making the hydrogen required for ULSD.

  • The use of hydrogen to produce ULSD, together with a diesel particulate filter, enables a 16.2% reduction in CO2-e tailpipe emissions.

    • Untreated diesel fuel carbon dioxide emissions = 12,042.6 grams per gallon
    • The use of a diesel particulate filter significantly lowers black carbon emissions
    • Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions = 1,951.2 grams per gallon
  • Total CO2-e reductions enabled by our hydrogen in the production of ULSD, along with the use of diesel particulate filters, more than offsets Linde's direct CO2 emissions from hydrogen production.