Carbon Dioxide Services and ApplicationsĀ 


Temporary Supply of CO2

Linde can supply your industrial gas needs when you are unable to meet the flow, pressure or temperature of your temporary requirements or if your supply has been interrupted. With a fleet of pumpers, vaporizers, and transports, we can temporarily supply nearly any combination of pressure, temperature and flow rate your operation needs and provide it for hours, days or months.

Pipeline Blanketing & Displacement

Working with CO2 pipeline companies, our one-step displacement, drying, blanketing and inerting process can support multi-leg displacements over hundreds of miles.

Tank & Vessel Purging

Linde Services uses CO2 to safely purge potentially explosive hydrocarbons and other air mixtures from vessels, transfer lines and equipment.

Mine & Silo Inerting

With a reliable supply of CO2 that can be delivered to your mine or silo location, as well as the storage and pumping equipment for the inerting process, Linde Services has you covered. Even in the case of thermal events, Linde assists in getting the process under control quickly and efficiently. Returning facilities to normal operations is our shared goal.

pH Control

Linde supplies CO2 delivery systems that utilize a wide variety of injection techniques: in-line, side-stream or diffusers. Selection of the proper CO2 injection equipment is based upon the specific requirements of each installation. This ensures that every treatment system is tailored to provide the best pH control. CO2 offers a safe and cost effective means to achieve pH reduction compared to mineral acids.