Pipeline Services 

supporting your new pipeline construction and ongoing maintenance needs

Linde nitrogen–assisted displacement provides a safe, fast and inexpensive means of removing product from a pipeline, whether for repair, product changeover or for product recovery when a pipeline is deactivated. In a single step, product is removed and the line is left with a dry and inert atmosphere. Whether the line contains natural gas liquids, crude oil, gasoline, diesel, liquid petroleum gas, ethylene or other liquid, our detailed analysis of the line profiles and project conditions allows for the most efficient displacement.

Linde Services Canada, Inc. ("Linde") offers a variety of applications and services:

  • Drying and Purging prevents product contamination, corrosion, and risk of explosions by removing air and residual moisture.
  • Blanketing protects interior pipeline walls from corrosion during extended out-of-service periods; ideal for removing water after hydro-testing and protecting moisture-sensitive products.
  • Pipeline Displacement is a one-step displacement, drying, and inerting process. Linde can support multi-leg displacements over hundreds of miles while providing flow rates up to 2 million standard cubic feet per hour.
  • Tool Propellant is used for pigging with pressurized nitrogen gas as the propellant. Inline inspection tools can also be pushed through pipelines.
  • Pneumatic Pressure Testing of equipment is undertaken by safely using air or nitrogen.
  • The SANDJETTM service is Linde’s in-place economical pipeline cleaning method that cleans to a white-metal blasted finish while drying and inerting sections up to 10 miles long. The SANDJET service uses dry, inert nitrogen gas to propel cleaning particles through the line at high velocity to quickly remove corrosion, scale and heavy deposits. The service is also effective for removing contaminants prior to abandonment. The best part: the entire service takes only a few hours.