Modified Atmosphere Packaging 

modified atmosphere packaging (map) systems & gases

Extend your shelf life and your profits

MAP Lettuce

Let Linde personalize your atmosphere. We have a line of over 200 specialty ExtendaPak™ modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) blends that can be used to replace the natural atmosphere in your packaging and extend the shelf life of a wide variety of food and beverage products. Because the correct gas mixture depends on many factors including your product, temperature and packaging material, we use our gas expertise to help you select the most effective ExtendaPak blend. We may even recommend incorporating a chilling process for best results.

No matter your food or beverage product, we have the know-how to extend its shelf life, preserve its freshness, and avoid losses due to staling or spoiling. Your customers demand fresh, convenient products and we can help ensure that your product stays at its best. Our experts at Linde will help you get this process off the ground by providing MAP recommendations at a minimum expense.