Climate Change


Doing more with less

We believe that issues over long-term energy availability and future climate change will only continue to intensify. Addressing the issues surrounding climate change is one of the highest priorities for Linde around the world.

Disclosing GHG Risks & Opportunities

A member of the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index since 2006, we respond to the Carbon Disclosure Project request for information every year and publish our response. We have also been appointed to the Advisory Committee of the Climate Disclosure Standards Board — working to advance disclosure related to climate change in annual reports through the development of a global framework that will elicit comprehensive, consistent and comparable information. For more information, visit our Reporting Center.

GHG Targets & Performance

Linde has several energy efficiency and greenhouse gas targets that are helping us manage our carbon footprint. These targets cover the major contributors to our greenhouse gas emissions: air separation units, hydrogen plants, and transport. We also set targets to help our customers reduce their footprint. Visit our Reporting Center for more information.

Investing in Efficiency

At Linde, we believe it’s important to invest our time and energy in improving our sustainable development, not just maintaining it. So, we conducted a study to compare the ROI of our investments in improving the energy use of our existing plants against a range of alternatives for sourcing renewable energy. We found that our energy efficiency program ROI is 12 times that of typical solar projects and more than twice that of wind alternatives— ensuring that energy efficiency is the best investment we can make right now to reduce our global energy footprint and natural resource consumption.

It is our goal to continue to provide environmental and energy savings to our customers and our planet. That’s why we build technologies that improve the energy efficiency of industrial processes from metal production to refining. We are a major industrial gas supplier to the polysilicon market, serving more than 50 photovoltaic manufacturing facilities worldwide. And our industrial gases are crucial in the production of second-generation biofuels.

Offsetting Climate Change

Climate change issues are increasing the demand for technologies that produce cleaner fuels and increase energy efficiency. And our programs like Less Carbon More Green are doing just that — helping our customers increase energy availability and improve energy efficiency while reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.